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Jelena Darijević

Jelena Darijević

Jelena Darijević – our Croatia specialist and chief translator Jelena is the power behind the scenes of The Dubrovnik Times. Born and bred in Dubrovnik, Jelena has always had a keen interest in all things British, she must be the only local resident to have every edition ever published by Bill Bryson. With a long-term history of translating sorts of publications and books Jelena brings her unique eye for all Croatian news.


Many parents want to find a perfect name for their children that will symbolize all the love they feel for them. Thus, the best choice in choosing a suitable name is the one that means love.

Here is the list of the Top10 names for girls and boys that are synonymous for the most beautiful feeling in the world - love.

1. Mina is the name of German origin and one of the world’s most popular girl names that mean love.

2. Ljubica is the name of old Slavic origin. Some interpretations claim that it was derived from ‘’ljubica’’ meaning ‘’violet’’ (the plant), but it is more likely that it came from the verb ‘’ljubiti’’ (love).

3. Amanda is the name that means ‘’one who is worthy of love’’. Experts claim that the British playwright Colley Cibber invented the name in the 17th century. He also named one of his characters Amanda in the play 'Love's Last Shift'.

4. Milena is the name of Czech origin, meaning ‘’love, femininity and warmth’’. The name Milena was very popular in Croatia in the 1980s after the ‘’Novi fosili’’ music band released the song 'Milena'.

5. Vida is a feminine name meaning ‘’gently loved’’. The young daughter of Matthew McConaughey is named Vida.

baby holding man hand

6. Carys is a Welsh name meaning love. The name became popular after the Hollywood actor couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas named their daughter Carys.

7. Lenan is not a variation of Lennon's name. It is an Irish name meaning ‘’a lover’’.

8. Darrell means ‘’loved’’. The name was the most popular in America in the 1960s, mostly given by parents who lived on the coast. This traditional American name never comes out of fashion.

9. Davis is a modern version of the name David, and this Hebrew name means ‘’loved’’.

10. Amor is a synonym for love and romance, considering the fact that the Roman god of love, the youngest and the most beautiful among the gods of love is named Amor.





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