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Is your TV DVB-T2 compatible? Change to Croatian terrestrial TV coming soon

Written by  Oct 11, 2020

Approximately half a million Croats will have to buy new TVs or external receivers in the coming weeks or be left without their favourite TV programs as Croatia takes another step into the digital world. On the 27th of October Croatia flips the switch on this new broadcasting system, the so-called DVB-T2, meaning that many homes will have to upgrade their TVs or buy a new receiver.

The abbreviation DVB-T2 will be mentioned more and more often in the coming weeks, with advertising campaigns already in full flow informing the public of the need to change. From the 27th of October 2020 the TV signal across the country will be upgraded, in other words, if your receiver does not have DVB-T2, and you watch programs via a terrestrial antenna you will need to buy either a new receiver or a new TV. The price of new receivers is from 150 to 200 Kuna, and are available in many stores and even at newsagents.

The new signal will bring better coverage and availability of HD programs, and generally better television picture quality. However, the change does not apply to those who watch programs via the internet, cable or satellite.

Digital Video Broadcasting — Second Generation Terrestrial, or DVB-T2 for short, is basically the upgraded version of the current digital broadcasting system, and the new technology means that high definition TV signals can be sent.

Around fifty percent of Croatians will not have to change anything as they already watch TV through other systems, but that means that the other half of the population will have to check their TV systems.

The transition will take place gradually, from county to county, and the Dubrovnik-Neretva County is first on the list, with the changes happening on the 27th of October.


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