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Over 5,500 buildings constructed in Croatia last year Pixabay

Over 5,500 buildings constructed in Croatia last year

Written by  Sep 30, 2020

In Croatia, 5,521 buildings were built in 2019, which is 11.9 percent more than in the previous year, and the number of completed apartments increased by 15.6 percent, as 11,726 apartments across Croatia were constructed, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Of the total number of buildings completed last year, 4,316 or 78.2 percent are residential, and 1,205 or 21.8 percent are non-residential.

Most buildings - 763 were built in the Zadar County, 668 in Istria, and 478 in Split-Dalmatia County. And in the city of Zagreb 325 buildings were completed in 2019.

Over the past year, a total of 11,726 new apartments were completed and the predominant number of apartments (91.5 percent) was built as new construction, 7.8 percent by adding or upgrading existing buildings, and 0.7 percent by converting non-residential space into an apartment.


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