Saturday, 24 October 2020
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Autumn will be challenging as flu patients combine with Covid-19 patients

By  Sep 19, 2020

The head of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases of the Clinical Hospital Centre in Split, Ivo Ivić, said on Friday that the number of patients infected with Covid-19 was slowly declining across the country, but that the number of new cases was on the rise again.

"Currently, we have 48 patients with Covid-19 infection in the hospital, and that number is declining because a significant number of asymptomatic patients have been discharged, these people had to be hospitalized due to rules imposed a few weeks ago - this is what affects the decline in the number of hospitalized patients," Ivic told reporters.

"It would be good if the number of hospitalized people continues to fall. However, I would not be surprised if in the coming days and weeks the number of hospitalized starts to grow again because we do not have a downward trend of new cases, in fact we have a growth in new cases,” stated Ivic.

When asked what he expects in the autumn, when, in addition to Covid-19, respiratory diseases such as the flu will appear, Ivic answered that he expects problems.

"At the very least, we will have a very difficult organizational situation in which we will have to separate three groups of patients - those who have Covid-19, those who have the flu and those who have both Covid-19 and the flu. Organizationally, it will be very demanding," Ivic warned.

Ivic said the Split hospital was better prepared to welcome patients in the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic than was the case in the first wave. “We gained significant experience in the first wave, we are better organized,” he added.


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