Friday, 18 September 2020

Portuguese national airline announces flights to Croatia in summer 2021

By  Sep 14, 2020

The Portuguese national airline, TAP, has announced its flight schedule for the 2021 summer season and the Lisbon - Zagreb line is being re-introduced, reports Croatian Aviation.

TAP Portugal has announced its new routes for next year's summer flight schedule, and Zagreb is among several destinations! The company already operated regularly on the line Lisbon - Zagreb, but it was discontinued in March 2016.

Flights on the route Lisbon - Zagreb have been announced from the beginning of the summer flight schedule, with the first on March 28, 2021. TAP will then operate three times a week, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Tickets are already on sale on the airline's website, and the flight time is roughly 2 hours.

TAP Portugal is the first airline to announce a new route to Zagreb Airport for next year's summer flight schedule.


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