Friday, 18 September 2020
Visors cannot replace face masks states Institute of Public Health Shutterstock

Visors cannot replace face masks states Institute of Public Health

By  Sep 14, 2020

The Croatian Institute of Public Health reported that plastic visors are not a good substitute for masks, and a warning has been issued specifically to teachers. These plastic masks have proved popular with people who have to wear face masks over a longer period of time, such as waiters, who argue that they are much more comfortable than the normal face masks.

The use of visors cannot be considered a substitute for the use of protective masks in schools, they say in the CNIPH.

Despite the fact that visors limit the spread of the disease by droplets, visors cannot prevent the spread of aerosol infection, which, according to current knowledge, could be possible.

One exception is when the teacher should replace the mask with a visor when a hearing impaired student is present in the classroom (classroom) to allow the student to read from the face and lips. In such a situation, the teacher should use a visor instead of a mask whenever they are in the classroom / room with a hearing impaired student and whenever they address a hearing impaired student.

Whenever possible, classes should be organized in such a way as to ensure the necessary distance between all persons in the classroom (1.5 m for 5th-8th grade of primary school and approximately 2 m in high school) so that all students and teachers can stay in the classroom without masks.

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