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Beyonce and Jay-Z are spending their summer vacation in Croatia Photos - The Dubrovnik Times and Instagram

Beyonce and Jay-Z are spending their summer vacation in Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 07, 2020

Summer of 2020 is specific because of so many reasons, but one of our favorites is that many celebrities decided to spend their holidays in our country, which they seem to enjoy even more now when it's crowd free. 

The latest celebrity couple that was spotted in Croatia are Beyonce and Jay-Z, according to the article of The well known musicians are enjoying the Adriatic on the superyacht Lana that we've photographed just six days ago near Dubrovnik. Were the famous love-birds already there?

According to the article of, Beyonce celebrated her 39th birthday on Friday at the island Bisaga Mala, which is located right by the island of Galesnjak, famous because it has a heart shape. It represents one of the most romantic islands in the world and it's perfect for this kind of getaway! The doubts that the famous couple is in Croatia were confirmed when they were seen at Kornati, dining at the restaurant Festa. They were the only guests in the restaurant, surrounded by bodyguards, but somehow the readers of caught some photos of the couple.

This is not the first time that Beyonce and Jay-Z chose Croatia as their holiday destinations. They were at Hvar nine years ago, when Beyonce was pregnant with Blue Ivy, but their more memorable stay was in Dubrovnik 11 years ago. The media tried to caught some photos and videos of the couple, which ended up with the incident between camerman and bodyguard of the couple.

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