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Croatian tourism proves more resilient than Mediterranean competitors

Written by  Sep 07, 2020

When the tourism season this summer finally started in Croatia there were hopes that the country could maybe reach 20 or even 30 percent of last year’s figures and in some way fill the gaping hole left in the country’s GDP by the Covid-19 pandemic. And when at least 20 percent of the coffers comes directly from tourism this was a big hole to fill. Croatia wasn’t the only country looking to earn some tourist dollars, the whole of the Mediterranean found themselves in the same boat.

And now figures have been released by the Croatian National Tourist Board stating that Croatia in July achieved better tourist results in comparison to competing countries in the Mediterranean. In July, the height of the season, Croatia reached 50 percent of last year’s arrivals of foreign tourists, which given the extraordinary circumstances was impressive. Of course some destinations, or cities, fared better than others. With Istria for example reaching almost 70 percent of last year’s numbers.

Compared to official tourist data from Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Turkey for July, Croatia had much better results, said the Croatian National Tourist Board.

In July, about 2.5 million foreign tourists came to Croatia, which is 50 percent of the number in July 2019, while in the seven months since the beginning of the year, a total of 3.3 million tourists have arrived, or 32 percent of arrivals in the same period from last year.

The countries analyzed - Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Turkey - for which official data from their national statistical offices on foreign tourist arrivals are available for July, had significantly lower percentages of last year’s achievements.

Spain recorded 25 percent of last year's arrivals from the same month in July with 2.5 million foreign tourist arrivals, while 13.3 million or 28 percent of the number arrived in the same period last year in the first seven months of this year.

Portugal, according to the first estimates of their "Instituto Nacional de Estatistica", was visited by approximately 306 thousand foreign tourists in July, which is 17 percent of last year's arrivals in the same month.


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