Saturday, 19 September 2020
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Russian Ambassador states that Putin’s visit to Croatia is on the agenda

By  Sep 04, 2020

Russian Ambassador to Croatia, Anvar Azimov, said in an interview today with RTL that Croatia can expect a visit from Russian President Vladimir Putin in the near future.

In the interview with RTL, Anvar Azimov revealed that Zagreb can soon expect a visit from the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, but also from President Putin himself.

The Russian Ambassador’s five-year mandate is coming to an end and he will soon be leaving his position in Croatia. “My five-year term in your beautiful hospitable country, which my family and I loved very much, is coming to an end. I am glad and proud of the last 5 years of my diplomatic career and of finishing it in your country,” commented Azimov.

He explained that Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov, will make a visit to Zagreb this year, “Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the visit was postponed, but I hope it will come in late October,” added the Ambassador.

And when asked if President Putin himself would visit Croatia the Ambassador said that “Our president’s visit is on the agenda and I am sure it will come sooner or later.”

When asked about the recent elections in Montenegro, and the possibility of the country moving away from NATO and closer to Russia and how realistic that was, the Ambassador stated that “Russia never interferes in the internal affairs of other countries, especially during election campaigns, neither in the USA nor in Great Britain, nor during elections in Croatia, and especially not in Montenegro.”


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