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Another green Croatian innovation – solar bus stations

By  Aug 11, 2016

Commuting every day by tram or by bus is a daily routine in the life of many people thus waiting at bus or tram stations sometimes seems really endless. In order to change that the Croatian company Energomobil came up with an idea of creating a bus station that will keep up with trends and which would be technologically advanced and aesthetically attractive. They have developed a new product entirely designed and manufactured in Croatia – the solar bus station Easy Bus.

This green bus stop gives commuters the possibility to charge their cell phones and tablets, and to use Wi-Fi while waiting for the bus. The lighting on the bus stop is powered by photovoltaic modules and smart system ENERGOSMART. The maintenance of the Energomobil bus stops is minimized; the electrical equipment does not require any maintenance, only to eventually change the battery. The price of this solar bus stop ranges from 25,500 Kunas and is made from materials that are extremely resistant to all weather conditions.

''We have been contacted by the United Arab Emirates whose Ministry of Transport was presented with our solar bus stops and which showed interest to place them in Abu Dhabi. There has also been interest from Egypt, Greece, many African countries and from all over the world for this product because there are not many solar bus stops currently on the market and if there are any, they are very expensive”, said Marija Mrvelj, the director of Energomobil.

Energomobil, the company which employs 25 young engineers and managers also manufactures solar trees, solar street lights, solar benches and solar canopies.

“Our vision is simple, to bring renewable energy sources closer to each individual and to improve and make life easier for our citizens'', concluded Mrvelj.

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