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Croatia and Serbia looking for much closer economic connections

Written by  Aug 21, 2020

The economic relations between Croatia and Serbia will intensify in the autumn, it was announced at a meeting of the leaders of the Croatian and Serbian Chambers of Commerce, and the establishment of a joint committee to promote economic activities between the two countries was announced.

The President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) Luka Burilović met with the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Marko Čadež, and the main topic of conversation was the improvement of business relations in the conditions of coronavirus, HGK reported on Thursday.

"The consequences of this health crisis on the economy are great, although the situation has normalized since the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore, we discussed ways in which the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and SCC can intensify cooperation and enable our members new business projects in the autumn," said Burilovic. He announced the establishment of a joint committee for the promotion of economic activities of Croatia and Serbia, in which representatives of the competent ministries, customs and veterinary and sanitary inspections will participate.

An economic forum in Serbia has been announced for the autumn, if the epidemiological situation allows it.

"We are also planning a joint presentation of Serbian and Croatian wines and gastronomic specialties as part of Zagreb's Advent," announced Čadež and said that PKS would update the opening of an office in Zagreb in order to provide more concrete assistance to entrepreneurs in the field.

The problem is that so far most of the important fairs in Serbia have been cancelled, and thus many Croatian companies have lost the platform for marketing their products. This uncertainty has a negative effect on the economic climate, which is why the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce want to help stabilize the situation and send messages that business relations, despite everything, must continue to develop, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce said in a statement.


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