Friday, 18 September 2020
Austria issues a travel warning for Croatia as cases rise due to "beach parties" Pixabay

Austria issues a travel warning for Croatia as cases rise due to "beach parties"

By  Aug 14, 2020

On the one hand, due to the increased number of new Covid-19 cases in Croatia, today was a record day with 208 new cases, and on the other hand due to 282 new cases in Austria, the federal government is introducing a new warning for Croatia at the end of the weekend. The measures may be stricter.

The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has determined that on the night from Sunday to Monday, a travel warning to avoid traveling to Croatia.

Der Standard, the Kleine Zeitung, as well as other Austrian media, state that "further details are currently being agreed with the Ministry of Health".

Der Standard writes that the problem with the "favourite holiday country" is that it had 180 newly infected people in 24 hours on Thursday. The media report that Croatia reacted by restricting the operation of bars, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs until midnight.

They add that the average age of those 180 infected is only 31, and states "parties are a risk factor".

As the latest announcement on its website, the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs now states that "as of August 17, a travel warning is valid for Croatia".

On that page, Croatia is still listed as one of the 30 countries from which it is possible to enter Austria without proof of a negative test for Covid-19 and without quarantine.

Der Standard quotes Krunoslav Capak that of the 180 infected on Thursday, "two-thirds fall on contacts from the Adriatic coast", as well as criticism from Slovenia that the vast majority of those infected "have connections to beach parties" on the Adriatic.


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