Friday, 18 September 2020
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Autumn could see mandatory face masks outdoors in Croatia

By  Aug 12, 2020

The end of summer is only a month away and the autumn could see more adaptations to living with Covid-19. Students and school children will soon be going back to school, more workers will return from their summer holidays and a coexistence with the virus could well mean stricter regulations.

The only way to keep the epidemic under control is to keep a distance of at least a metre and a half in the open, and when that is not possible, masks will certainly be necessary, confirmed Dr. Branko Kolarić, an epidemiologist from the Government's Scientific Council for Covid-19.

He added that discussions should be started as soon as possible about possible measures that will have to be applied if the virus remains present during the winter. Namely, indoor spaces, cold weather and crowds will make the coronavirus even more dangerous. The French have seen an increase in the number of infected people these days, which they attributed to a larger number of tourists in Paris.



That is why they have introduced the obligatory wearing of masks outdoors in as many as a hundred streets where the biggest crowds gather. Penalties have been introduced for non-compliance with epidemiological measures. In Croatia, the National Staff, at least for now, has not resorted to fines and punishment.

For Dr. Kolarić is very likely to be recommended to work from home to protect against the virus. As for the possible new closures, he believes that it will not happen in general, but it is possible to occasionally close some spaces or activities. If, for example, restaurants turn out to be a source of an increase in the number of infected people or nightclubs, the Civil Protection Directorate will have to adopt measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Whether this will mean closures and tighter restrictions will also depend on whether some milder measures were insufficient, he explains. And in open spaces, where people stay at a distance of less than a metre and a half for more than fifteen minutes, it is also possible to introduce mandatory masks, writes Jutarnji list.

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