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Croatia’s ever decreasing population – least number of new-borns since 1900!

By  Aug 11, 2020

In only 10 out of a total of 128 cities in Croatia during 2019, was the number of children born higher than the number of deaths. In all counties and in the City of Zagreb, the number of deaths significantly exceeded the number of births.

According to detailed data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, these are the only cities with positive natural increase in the country: Novigrad / Cittanova, Opuzen, Imotski, Kastela, Zapresic, Cakovec, Korcula, Solin, Pazin and Metkovic. Among them is only one larger city - Cakovec.

Vukovar has the worst growth among the cities in the centre of the county, where only 194 children were born last year, and the number of deaths is more than twice as high - 405. It is followed by Rijeka, where 790 children were born and as many as 1623 people died.



The best is Zadar, where the number of new-borns and deaths is almost equal (686 new-borns and 705 deaths) and Dubrovnik (471 births and 499 deaths).

Aggregate data shows that 36,135 children were born in Croatia in 2019 - the least since 1900, or since data has been collected - while 51,784 people died. And when you take into account the number of citizens who have immigrated since Croatia became a full member of the European Union the population decrease is only amplified.

The number of children born has been steadily declining since the second half of the 1990’s, and the number of deaths has more or less stagnated. Thus, for example, 10 years ago, during 2009, 44,577 children were born in Croatia and 52,414 people died. A decade later, as many as 8,442 fewer children were born, and the number of deaths decreased by only 630. Croatia last had a higher number of children born than the number of deaths in 1997.

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