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Cheers to a great year of beer! Cheers to a great year of beer!

Croatian beer industry brewing excellent results

By  Aug 09, 2016

It is hard to find any other beverage on the planet that is more popular than beer. It is the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. Almost everybody likes beer whether it is dark, light, wheat beer or non alcoholic, beer is a drink for all occasions.

Among the biggest European beer loving countries are definitely the Czech Republic and Germany where the consumption of beer is measured in hectolitres. Some of the largest cities of the Old Continent are usually referred to as ''the beer cities'' due to their citizens who ''drink beer like water''.

The TOP 10 heaviest beer-drinking European cities per capita in litres are: Prague (173), Krakow and Warsaw (152), Belgrade (143), Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich (128) and Helsinki, Vienna and Kiev (125).

Croatians haven't found their place on this list but Croatia's beer industry has proved to be quite successful. According to data from the Croatian Financial Agency (FINA), last year Croatia had 39 entrepreneurs with 1,661 employees in the beer industry. The monthly net salary was 9,000 Kunas or 79.3 percent more over the average monthly net salary in Croatia which was 5,019 Kunas.
The total income of the beer industry generated in 2015 was 2.4 billion Kunas which was an increase of 7.7 percent in comparison to the previous year, reported FINA.

The leading beer manufacturer was Zagrebacka pivovara with a revenue of 993,5 million Kunas, followed by Heineken Hrvatska which generated 682,9 million Kunas, Carlsberg Croatia (332,3 million Kunas), Agrolaguna (110 million Kunas) and Peto hrvatsko pivo 1664 with a revenue of 87,4 million Kunas.

The average monthly net salary in Zagrebacka pivovara which employs 540 employees was 12,198 Kunas in 2015, whilst Heineken's monthly net salary was 11,225 Kunas last year.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the American institute The Smithsonian has a job opening for a beer historian. It sounds like an imaginary profession but it really does exist. The job description says that a beer historian has to research, collect and document the American history of craft beer for the American History Museum. Monthly salary for this position will be $64,650 a year (around 430,000 Kunas). An ideal candidate has to have a degree in economics, food, culture or similar historical specialization as well as experience in research and must be prepared for lots of travelling.

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