Saturday, 19 September 2020

Unemployment across Croatia rises by 32 percent

By  Aug 11, 2020

At the end of July this year, 151,433 unemployed persons were registered in the records of the Croatian Employment Service (CES), which is an increase of 0.5 percent on a monthly basis and 32.4 percent on an annual basis, the CES announced on Monday.

The beginning of August also brings an increase in the number of unemployed, given that, according to daily data from the CES website, there are currently 153,387 unemployed at the CES, which is 1,954 more than at the end of July.

At the annual level, the number of unemployed continued to grow by more than 30 percent, but that number slowed slightly again, after 35.5 percent in May and 34.3 percent in June, to 32.4 percent in July. Thus, in July this year, there were 37,044 more people at the employment office than in July 2019.

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