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Who can cross the Croatian borders in Covid-19 pandemic

By  Aug 04, 2020

Due to the rather bad epidemiological situation in the country, Croatian citizens cannot travel as freely as most other citizens of the European Union. But that is why anyone from the EU can come to Croatia.

Although the number of infected people in Croatia is not nearly as dramatic as in some other countries, in terms of the cumulative number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants over a 14-day period, Croatia is among the worst countries in the European Union. Only Luxembourg, Romania, Bulgaria, Andorra, Sweden, Portugal and Spain are worse than us. That is why some EU countries do not allow people from Croatia to travel to them, reports 24 Sata.

On the other hand, residents of all 26 EU member states and residents of Great Britain, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland can travel freely to Croatia. Apart from the citizens of these countries, all foreign citizens who are permanently settled in these 30 countries can travel freely to Croatia. So, regardless of whether someone is Iranian, Afghan, American, Serb or Chinese, if they live in one of these countries, they can travel freely to Croatia as a tourist or for any other reason.



Citizens living in other countries are currently not allowed in Croatia. But there are many exceptions. Free entry into Croatia is provided to citizens of ‘third countries’ who are health professionals, health researchers and associates, care professionals for the elderly and people who require urgent medical treatment. Also, cross-border workers, regardless of where they live, can enter Croatia. Exceptions also apply to diplomats, police officers on duty, civil protection services and teams, staff of international organizations and international military personnel in the performance of their functions.

However, if we look at the Decision on the temporary ban on crossing the border crossings of the Republic of Croatia in even more detail, it turns out that anyone can actually come to Croatia. Namely, point (clause) 2f states that persons traveling for tourist or other business reasons or who have another economic interest and persons traveling for education are also exempted from the ban. So, if someone wants to come to Croatia as a tourist, in theory he can do it freely, regardless of where he or she comes from. Also, entry is allowed due to transit through Croatia, but also for urgent personal reasons, and such a reason under point (clause) 2g can be the ownership of real estate in the Republic of Croatia, writes 24 Sata.

In short, in theory, everyone can go to Croatia, but Croatians cannot travel freely from Croatia wherever we want. Free tourist entry or entry for other reasons is currently provided by 20 countries that are members of the EU or the Schengen area. Nine countries ban Croatian residents from free entry. These are Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia. The rules vary from country to country, so some of these countries require quarantine for passengers from Croatia, while others require testing for Covid-19. Also some states only allow travel for business reasons. In some countries the situation changes from day to day, so it is necessary to study the rules and restrictions in detail before traveling. This is easiest to do on the EU Re-open page, where detailed information is available for all EU and Schengen countries.

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