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Almost single-handedly the Germans have saved the 2020 tourist season in Croatia

By  Aug 01, 2020

When the Covid-19 pandemic started to play havoc with the travel industry all those months ago the forecast for Croatian tourism was doom and gloom. Predictions of no tourist season whatsoever were banded around and with most Croatian airports closed and the European Union closing all borders these depressing expectations were likely. However, Croatia has proved resilient, well at least the northern destinations, and found a way to attract guests in these challenging times. Tourism figures for July, which is traditionally the peak of the tourist season in Croatia, show that 2.4 million tourists arrived in Croatia and 18.6 million overnight stays were recorded. This might sound like a lot of arrivals, especially in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, but compared to the same month from last year it’s actually only around 53 percent.

Croatia still a safe destination

Still the black predictions seem to have been partially banished. It’s certainly not going to be a tourist season to break records, but in light of the overall situation it’s not going to be a disaster either. "These are, given the circumstances, excellent results and a good announcement for the August ahead. Intensified promotional activities, both invitational advertising campaigns and those of an informative nature, will be carried out until the end of August on the markets in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Italy, given that these are very important markets for our tourism, where Croatia is on the list of safe countries. It is important to continue responsible behavior and adherence to the prescribed epidemiological measures in order to maintain the status of our country as a safe tourist destination and get the most out of this tourist season, "said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Stanicic.

Danke Germany

Almost single-handedly the Germans have saved the 2020 tourist season in Croatia. In July alone 4.43 million of the overnight stays recorded up and down the country came from Germany, incredibly this figure represents 87 percent of the number from last July. And at the moment of the 780,000 tourists who are holidaying on the beaches of the Adriatic a massive 200,000 are from Germany. The most popular destinations are Istria and Dalmatia, which is mainly due to the fact that both are within comfortable driving distance from Germany. And this highlights the problems that more southern destinations, such as Dubrovnik are having this summer. Whereas many Istrian cities are seeing up to 70 percent of the tourists from last year Dubrovnik is still scrapping to reach 30 percent. And as the two most numerous tourists in Dubrovnik normally come from the UK and the USA the outlook doesn’t look quite as positive as the rest of the country.


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