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113 people lost their lives on Croatian roads in first half of 2020 Pixabay

113 people lost their lives on Croatian roads in first half of 2020

By  Jul 31, 2020

In the first six months of 2020 a total of 113 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in Croatia, stated the Croatian Police ahead of the first weekend in August, a traditionally busy period on the roads.

The first half of this year, police added, was marked by accidents in which motorcyclists, young drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and drunk drivers were killed, while the most common cause of accidents in Croatia was speeding and non-use of seat belts. In fact, over half of the traffic fatalities in the first half of 2020 were due to speeding drivers.
On a positive note the figure of 113 fatalities was 14 less than the same period from 2019.

Drunk drivers caused 25 fatal traffic accidents in which 28 people passed away and of the 56 drivers and passengers killed 22 were not wearing a seat belt.

During the first six months of 2020, 26 motorcyclists were unfortunately killed in traffic accidents, while in the period from 1 to 23 July, eight motorcyclists and one moped rider were killed. Since the beginning of the year, every fourth person who has died in traffic accidents has been on two wheels, the Croatian Police added.

Due to frequent accidents, the police will continue during the coming weekend with intensified activities aimed at violations of scooter and motorcycle riders, the prevention and sanctioning of the most serious violations, especially the so-called “four main killers in traffic” (alcohol, speed, seat belt and mobile phone).

Police have announced they will monitor traffic at a large number of locations that will include the maximum number of police officers available. When monitoring traffic on motorways, in addition to sanctioning other offenses, special attention will be paid to unreasonable driving in the left lane.


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