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ON THIS DAY – Legendary musician Oliver Dragojevic passed away

Written by  Jul 29, 2020

Oliver Dragojevic, one of the greatest Croatian musicians, passed away exactly two years ago in Split General Hospital. 

To mark the anniversary, Vela Luka, the place that he loved the most on the island of Korcula, organized a series of events.

The peek of the manifestation will be held today in front of the Saint Joseph's Church with the concert where big names of Croatian music will perform, such as Nina Badric, Petar Graso, Petar Dragojevic and Oliver's Dupini, string orchestra with the conducter Alan Bjelinski, all led by the producent Ante Gelo.

On Thursday, July 30th, there will be another concert with the young names fromt he Croatian music scene, who will perform Oliver's evergreens.

The week of remembering Oliver Dragojevic in Vela Luka will end on Friday, July 31th, with the evening of jazz and the concert of Ines Trickovic and band.

Because of the current epidemiological situation, the concerts will take place in front of the Saint Joseph's Church. They will also be avaliable to watch through various media, as well as bars and restaurants in Vela Luka, as well as through two video walls in the centre of Vela Luka. 

This amazing musician had been battling lung cancer for a year and sadly lost the battle and died at the age of 71.

Oliver Dragojevic, who was born in Split, spent most of his childhood in Vela Luka on the island of Korcula. He attended a music school in Split, where he studied piano, then clarinet and guitar.

His career is marked with many timeless classics and his music will live on for the centuries to come.


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