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Netherlands has enough data to assess the situation in Croatia – Capak

By  Jul 23, 2020

The director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, commented on behalf of the government on the fact that the Netherlands had put Croatia on the orange Covid-19 list: "The news that Croatia has not given the Netherlands enough data to assess the situation in Croatia is completely incorrect."

He explained how data on new cases and fatalities are being sent across the EU.

"We do not send any data directly to the Netherlands unless they request it, nor do they send it to us directly. The EU has its own agency called ECDC, the European Office for Disease Prevention and Control, through which we all send structured data, by county. We send them every day, we are one of the most orderly countries according to WHO and ECDC," he said.

“The Netherlands put us on that orange list and I hope they will take us off it in a few days,” Capak said.


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