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Ministry of the Interior warns everybody about the Facebook fraud

Written by  Jul 22, 2020

Recently, the police has recorded a number of frauds through the Facebook page "TOOLKITS SETS", where unknown perpetrators advertise the sale of work tools. Communication takes place via Facebook Messenger in which perpetrators require people to send them their personal information, credit card information and card control number in order to be able to charge for the tool they sell. 

After the persons send all the requested data, the perpetrators use personal data and card data by withdrawing all the money from the cards or using the cards for payments at bookmakers outside the Republic of Croatia, thus damaging persons for large sums of money.

-We warn citizens not to fall for fraud via the Facebook page "TOOLKITS SETS", and not to share their personal data and payment card data with unknown persons and unauthorized stores – the Croatian Ministry of the Interior wrote.

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