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Forbes recommends Croatia as a retirement hotspot

Written by  Dec 23, 2015

Looking for a spot in the sun to retire to why not try Croatia, according to the renowned publication Forbes magazine the Adriatic country should be high on your list.

In an article entitled “20 Best Foreign Retirement Havens For 2015,” the American magazine has included Croatia, as well as France, Australia, Spain and Thailand. The article, which is aimed at Americans, takes several factors into account when judging which the best countries to spend your retirement are.

Cost of living, taxes, climate, security and crime, cultural attractions and hospitality are some of the guidelines which Forbes used to compile the top twenty list. The top of the list is Australia, followed by Belize and Canada in third position. Croatia is placed in eighth position on the list, with the article starting “on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia contains beautiful scenery, a good climate, ancient cultures, a low cost of living and tax breaks for retirees. The country clearly has put behind itself a 1990s civil war.” It goes on to add that Dubrovnik is one of the highlights of the country. This year the number of American tourists in Dubrovnik increased drastically on recent years.

In fact American tourists were the second most numerous, in terms of nationality, in the city in 2015. One of the reasons for this increase is undoubtedly the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, which uses Dubrovnik as a location. Forbes mentions that the lack of direct flights from the US to Croatia was the only negative point.

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