Monday, 03 August 2020
HDZ wins landslide 65 percent of diaspora vote Pixabay

HDZ wins landslide 65 percent of diaspora vote

By  Jul 06, 2020

It wasn't only Croatian citizens that reside in Croatia who voted in yesterday’s General Election, thousands of voters who live all around the world also cast their ballot, from the US to Australia.

The Eleventh Constituency is a separate constituency for the election of parliamentary representatives elected by Croatian citizens who do not reside in the Republic of Croatia. They elect only three members, which is in line with the fact that there were 59 thousand voters on the 2016 census, and only 21 thousand of them went to the polls.

Diaspora votes are traditionally usually won by HDZ, and this election was no different. Croatian diaspora elected all three seats to HDZ members and HDZ saw a landslide of 64.86 percent of the vote. This was an even higher percentage than last election when HDZ won 62.72 percent of the vote.


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