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Second wave of Covid-19 in Croatia sees worst day for new infections since April 1 Pixabay

Second wave of Covid-19 in Croatia sees worst day for new infections since April 1

By  The Dubrovnik Times Jul 04, 2020

Yesterday, Croatia recorded a record number of Covid-19 infected people in 24 hours - as many as 96 across the country. Despite the alarming situation, in which the infection has re-entered hospitals and nursing homes, the Civil Protection Directorate (CPD) have not taken any measures or decisions that would increase the safety of citizens.

Croatia had 96 patients only once before, on April 1, and by then the country was already in complete lockdown. Also, there were no deaths then, while two people died yesterday, one of them at the age of 57, writes Jutarnji.hr.

In just two weeks, the number of active cases increased from seven to as many as 728. However, Maja Grba-Bujević, the head of the Emergency Service and a member of the CPD, does not consider that number problematic. She told the media that the numbers are - satisfactory!

“We have to admit that we did not all stick to some measures and, given that, what we expected happened. We knew it was going to be that way,” said Grba-Bujević.



On the other hand, one of the leading Croatian epidemiologist, the head of the epidemiology of the CNIPH, Bernard Kaić, says that the numbers are not small and that such a spread of the virus during the summer was not expected.

“I would not say that the situation got out of control, but that the numbers are large and that we do not know where some of the patients became infected - that is true. The virus circulates in the population, which means that we have local transmission,” said Kaić.

Adding that “It is logical that when we have a larger number of patients, it is harder to find out where everyone has become infected.” The epidemiologist believes that some measures should be restored to prevent the spread of the virus among the population.

“For a start, citizens should adhere to the basic rules, which are distance and hygiene. Also, what I think would be good is to reduce the number of people at public gatherings. I think that no gatherings with more than ten people should be held,” he added.

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