Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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Croatia features on English “safe countries” travel list

By  Jul 03, 2020

England has published a full list of so-called safe countries to travel during the summer in the context of a coronavirus pandemic, and Croatia is on the list.

Those Britons returning home from the countries on the list will not have to undergo a prescribed two-week quarantine. The list of these countries includes, among others, Croatia, and neighbouring Serbia.

Apart from Croatia, there are Greece, Spain, France, Belgium and other countries, and this decision will take effect on July 10.

But some countries are not on the safe list, such as China, the United States, Sweden and Portugal, which means that Britons returning from travel from those countries will have to undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine. That decision has infuriated airlines and passenger companies.

The government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been debating the relaxation of these measures for days. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which are pursuing their own health policies, have not announced plans to lift the measures. Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, commented that finalising the list of countries had been delayed due to the fact that there was a hope and belief that all four UK nations could reach a joint decision. This hasn’t happened and now each nation will take its own independent actions. The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, commented for the BBC that “Scotland could not be dragged along by the UK government's "shambolic decision making". After the fallout over Brexit this latest decision from UK nations to take their own paths on travel regulations is being viewed by commenters as further distancing from each other.

The full list of countries on the English, so-called safe countries list, also includes Germany, New Zealand, Greece, Norway, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary and Iceland. Ireland is already exempt as part of the common travel area, as are the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.


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