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Almost a thousand hotels and camps open in Croatia, the number of tourists keeps on growing

By  Hina/FaH Jul 02, 2020

There are currently 644 hotels and 344 camps open in Croatia, other tourist facilities and facilities are opening daily along the coast, and the number of tourists is increasing by about 30 thousand a day, says the recent newsletter of the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) with the introductory headline "Safety first".

These and other information and news for tourists, tourism and other sectors and for the general public HUT published in the fifth issue of the newsletter "Croatia Tourism & Travel Weekly", emphasizing that by July 1st from the total of 1.6 million tourists who were in Croatia this year by the end of June "none were infected with the coronavirus during their stay in all types of commercial accommodation in Croatia".

They also say that due to the implementation and observance of protective measures and better comfort of tourists, a large number of hotels and camps and other accommodation facilities are currently operating with smaller capacities.

- Although there are no restrictions in Croatia (wearing masks is mandatory only in public transport, and certain additional safety measures have been adopted in some regions, while face masks are recommended indoors across the country), safety standards in all tourist facilities are high, and Croatian epidemiologists have made very detailed guidelines for all types of facilities and tourist services that have been implemented throughout the country - HUT points out.

The number of tourists is increasing by about 30 thousand a day

HUT's analytics show that the demand for Croatia as a destination for summer vacation is growing day by day and that the number of tourists is constantly increasing, for about 30 thousand a day.

- Currently, most foreign tourists in Croatia come from Germany, followed by Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria. Through the official application of enterCroatia, and according to the Ministry of the Interior, more than a million tourists have applied to enter Croatia so far - HUT writes.

They also state that Croatia has elaborated guidelines in case of infection in tourist destinations, which provide for adequate isolation and treatment, as well as that all major destinations have specialized tourist clinics that are ready to act quickly and safely and that all tourism workers know the precise procedure and are ready for action in case of need.

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