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One million tourists announce arrival in Croatia as border restrictions are lifted Pixabay

One million tourists announce arrival in Croatia as border restrictions are lifted

Written by  Jul 01, 2020

At the end of last week, after several hours of talks between the representatives of the member states, the European Union made a list of 15 countries outside the Union whose citizens will be able to travel freely to the Union.

The head of the Office for Neighbouring Countries in the Border Administration, Tomislav Kufner, commented for HRT that these are only non-binding recommendations, and that each EU member state will make a decision at the national level.

"Yesterday, the Civil Protection Headquarters made a decision that EU citizens are allowed to enter Croatia without proving the purpose of entry, while countries outside the European Union, the so-called third countries at border crossings, must prove the purpose of entry," Kufner said.

When it comes to citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kufner said that when they enter the Republic of Croatia, they must prove the reasons for their arrival.

He added that the measure of self-isolation had been abolished, and that no country was covered by self-isolation, reports N1.

In order to reduce congestion and waiting time at the border, tourists can fill out a form on the internet that is designed to help when crossing the border - https://entercroatia.mup.hr

Kufner pointed out that this morning the magic number of one million announcements via this online system was broken, and that Slovenians, Germans and Austrians participated the most. He added that the form is valid for 90 days.


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