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Cappelli: Current tourist traffic at 26-27 percent compared to the last year Photo from the Croatian Government

Cappelli: Current tourist traffic at 26-27 percent compared to the last year

Written by  HINA Jun 26, 2020

Tourist traffic is currently at 26 to 27 percent compared to last year, in Istria and Kvarner even higher, and booking has not stopped - said the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli on Thursday, announcing that from July 4th there will be about 80 flights to Croatia from various European countries.

After the Government session, Cappelli said that with the launch of tourism all other activities related to it were activated.

-As of July 4th, we are starting with about 80 airlines, corridors, towards Croatia from European countries and this will increase traffic in Split and Dubrovnik, where it is now reduced - said Cappelli, adding that Croatia is now somewhere at 26 or 27 percent of tourist traffic compared to June last year.

Cappelli also emphasized that in some parts of Istria and Kvarner the traffic is over 50 percent compared to last year, which is more than what the Government was counting on.

When asked whether testing should have been introduced for at least some events, such as a tennis tournament, or whether it is normal for players to come without being tested, Cappelli said he would like that this question is answered by the professionals.

-We have to start separating who can answer what, I can only say that today we have an increase in the number of guests compared to yesterday, so we are still recognizable as a safe destination, people are coming, there are a few more inquiries in terms of events in the last 24 hours, but no booking stops - pointed out Cappelli.

The Minister also emphasized that the assessment of the profession that the epidemiological situation has reached such a level that at the moment we cannot accept a larger number of tourists coming to Croatia from certain countries.

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