Thursday, 16 July 2020
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Croatian Minister states that Covid-19 will last and we must get used to a new way of life

By  Jun 25, 2020

The Interior Minister and head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, Davor Bozinovic, on Thursday referred to the possibility of sanctioning those who do not respect the measure of wearing a mask, saying that "it is not a point to punish someone, but a point to change behaviour".

Regarding the obligatory wearing of a mask and the proposal of the Zagreb Headquarters to introduce the obligation to wear it in shopping malls, he says that this should be considered, but it is certain that epidemiologists will point out the justification of these measures given the mode of infection. He went onto say that he is not sure that there has been a larger increase in infections in shopping malls and stores, but wherever a mask can be worn, it certainly does not hurt.

However, wearing a facemask on public transport in Croatia is now an obligation.

"The point is not in restrictive behaviours, but for all people to accept the recommendations as an integral part of life that will last until we solve this situation with either a vaccine or a medicine, we have to get used to that life," Bozinovic told N1.

Regarding mandatory self-isolation for all who come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia, he said that new infections came from those countries and that is why they decided on such measures. He added, however, that there are "personal reasons or of a humanitarian nature, even if it is a justified urgent business reason, for which one does not have to isolate oneself".

Although Croatia has recorded 95 new infections in the last 24 hours, the second largest number in a single day since the coronavirus appeared in Croatia, Bozinovic said "measures will not be as strict as before".

"The whole of Europe is opening up with certain measures. We are now, in this situation, making decisions and measures that will no longer last as long as they did in the first phase. We are ready to change decisions on a daily basis. In the first phase, it was easier to just close everything. and now we need to be more structured,” the minister concluded.


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