Thursday, 16 July 2020
Coronavirus Croatia – 22 new cases of Covid-19 in Croatia – facemasks mandatory on public transport Pixabay

Coronavirus Croatia – 22 new cases of Covid-19 in Croatia – facemasks mandatory on public transport

By  Jun 24, 2020

The National Civil Protection Headquarters announced that there have been 22 new cases of Covid-19 in Croatia over the past 24 hours, meaning a total of 2,388 people have been infected since the pandemic began.

“So far, 73,738 people have been tested. There are 18 people in hospital and no one is on a ventilator. A total of 107 people have passed away due to Covid-19. Three patients were discharged from the hospital. 139 people are actively ill,” commented Maja Grba Bujević, the Director of the Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine.

"We are actively monitoring the situation, not only in Croatia but also in the neighbouring countries and in Europe in order to adopt the best possible measures to protect the health of citizens. Today a decision will be made on a temporary ban on crossing the border, by establishing a special entry regime for people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia,” said Interior Minister, Davor Božinović.

This new border regulation effectively means that any citizen entering Croatia from the four countries mentioned will have to serve a mandatory two-week quarantine in Croatia.

"A special regime of entry into Croatia for persons coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Northern Macedonia is being established. These persons will be obliged to stay in self-isolation for 14 days upon entering Croatia. The isolation obligation does not apply to passengers transiting through Croatia," empathized Božinović, at today’s press conference.

And another new regulation regards passengers on public transport. And passenger who does not have a mask will not be able to enter the vehicle, basically the driver will not be allowed to drive unless everyone has a mask. The decision takes effect at midnight tonight.

Božinović added that "We will continue to monitor what is happening. At this stage, we will be ready to make decisions faster, and we can change them if the need arises."


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