Saturday, 08 August 2020
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14-days self-isolation could be reintroduced as Croatia tightens eastern borders

By  Jun 24, 2020

The Interior Minister and Head of the Civil Protection Directorate, Davor Bozinovic, announced that a new regime would be introduced on the borders with Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia, which could include 14-day mandatory self-isolation.

"We are monitoring the epidemiological situation in neighbouring countries and what we have been recording in recent days are infections that come, that is, are brought by people who mostly come from the countries of our eastern borders,” stated Bozinovic.

Adding that today there will be a meeting of the Directorate today and that they will probably make a decision on changing the regime that currently exists at the border crossings with Serbia, BiH and Montenegro, but also when it comes to travel for citizens of Kosovo and northern Macedonia.

"We will make a decision on Wednesday, you know that they will come into force at 00.00 the next day, but I would not prejudge now, but probably the regime that existed - self-isolation for those coming from those countries, it will be discussed on Wednesday and probably we will make a decision on that track, but let's wait,” concluded Bozinovic yesterday.


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