Saturday, 08 August 2020
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Croatia tightens border controls with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in light of new Covid-19 cases

By  Jun 20, 2020

The Interior Minister and head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, Davor Bozinovic, said on Friday that the police had already begun more intensive controls on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia after the first new cases of infection related to neighbouring countries.

Bozinovic told Jutarnji List that more intensive controls began on Thursday after new cases of the infection related to those countries emerged.

"Anyone who wants to enter Croatia must state the reason for the trip and present documentation that supports it, such as the economic interest in our country," Bozinovic said.

He stressed that Croatia has never fully opened its borders to Serbia and BiH, as they have done to ten European countries that have a good epidemiological situation.

Jutarnji list states that passengers from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina who tried to enter Croatia during the last two days without having a valid reason supported by documentation, were returned to their country from the border. This is the result of stricter measures at border crossings with these countries, with which most of the new patients in Croatia have been connected in the last week.

Minister Božinović believes that the situation in Croatia will not escalate because epidemiologists have "traced the majority of patients", meaning the manner and origin of the infection.


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