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CROATIA IS A SAFE COUNTRY: Over 350 thousand tourists announce their visit through EnterCroatia

Written by  Jun 18, 2020

Croatia is a safe country and one of the few to have a tourist season this year, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said on Wednesday, adding that more than 350 thousand tourists had registered their arrival via the EnterCroatia system – the official website of the Croatian Government reports.

- Croatia is perceived as a country where it is desirable to come on vacation, and at the moment we may be the only country that has announcements of foreign tourists and crowds at border crossings - said Bozinovic in Zadar at the opening of the Headquarters for Security Measures during the 2020 tourist season.

Minister reminded that last year Croatia had 20 million tourists and more than 90 million overnight stays.

- We will probably not reach those figures this year, but according to today's reports, we can say that the entire security system has shown exceptional efficiency in resolving crises, regardless of whether it is epidemics, crimes or fires - Bozinovic emphasized and noted that there were twice as many fires this year than last year at this time, but they went unnoticed because of Covid-19.

- Despite that, the system worked. Our unique homeland security system sends a message not only to Croatian citizens but also to foreigners that Croatia is a safe country and that foreign tourists can feel safe here this year as well. We work according to the model we established at the very beginning of work of this Government, and the very fact that we have connected everyone who has something to do, say and analyze when it comes to the security situation speaks of the fact that we are achieving good results – Bozinovic said.

Journalists were interested in Bozinovic's opinion on wearing protective masks because tourists are confused since most people in Croatia do not wear masks.

-It is always better to have a mask than not, but it is not mandatory. If we introduced it as an obligation, it would mean that our epidemiological situation is much worse than it is. What is good is that the mask is worn indoors and perhaps most important of all - masks protect! Especially if an infected person has a mask, the chance of infecting someone is certainly much lower. If an infected and healthy person has masks, they reduce the chance of infection by up to 90 percent - Bozinovic said.
He added that the epidemic is under control in our country.

-Our numbers are small, but we must keep in mind that the situation in neighboring countries and in Europe and at the global level speaks in favor of the presence of the virus - said Minister Bozinovic.

Croatia ready to react in case of outbreaks

Bozinovic stressed that Croatia is ready to react to the possible emergence of certain outbreaks caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

-We have shown that we know how to deal with such challenges, that first and foremost - we have people, but also a technique and experience that guarantees safety to everyone - he said.

As part of the meeting with members of the Headquarters for the implementation of security measures during the upcoming tourist season, an introductory presentation was held on general security indicators and the functioning of the Headquarters for the implementation of security measures during the tourist season, followed by a presentation of the National Maritime Data Collection Center Zadar.

-For the third year in a row, we are opening and starting to work through the Safe Tourist Season project, which has proven to be very effective when it comes to protecting citizens, property and tourists visiting our country at this time of year. We can state that the security situation is favorable. However, this year's season is specific, so for the first time the health profession is an integral part of the Headquarters for a safe tourist season headed by epidemiologist Alan Medic - said Minister Bozinovic.

Minister reminded that last year there was a record number of 95 foreign police officers from 19 countries in Croatia, and at the moment there are 36 police officers from nine countries who will join their Croatian colleagues in creating a safe season in Croatia.

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