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Amnesty International UK accuses Croatia for torturing migrants, Croatian Ministry of the Interior reacts

Written by  Jun 12, 2020

Amnesty International UK has published a report titled ‘’Croatia: Shocking evidence of police torture of migrants''.

-In a horrifying escalation of police human rights violations at the Croatian border with Bosnia, a group of migrants and people seeking asylum were recently bound and tortured by officers who mocked their injuries and smeared food on their bleeding heads to humiliate them - Amnesty International UK writes, adding that they spoke to six men In a new investigation, Amnesty spoke to six men among a group of 16 Pakistani and Afghan people apprehended by Croatian police during the night of 26-27 May near Lake Plitvice.

Croatian Ministry of the Interior reacted promptly to the allegations. You can read their full reaction below:

The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia rejects the allegations that, according to the already established practice and without evidence, accuse the Croatian police of injuring migrants.

This time the alleged police action took place in late May in the Plitvice Lakes area and on that occasion these illegal Afghan and Pakistani migrants were tied to trees, abused with a knife, shot in the air and into the ground, beaten with rifle butts and finally smeared with mayonnaise, ketchup and sugar on their hair.
We reject the idea that a Croatian police officer would do such a thing or have a motive for it.

We will remind you that in the last version of the accusations, the police officers allegedly spray-painted crosses on the heads of migrants. The crosses reportedly had some symbolism that wanted to be used in the month of Ramadan, but now the symbolism of ketchup, mayonnaise and sugar is not known to us.

If the black-uniformed people, as it is insinuated, are the members of the Croatian Special Police, we will remind you that they are responsible for many rescues of illegal migrants, women and children in the inaccessible mountains of Croatia, even in the most difficult conditions on the ground.

Maybe that's why they should be directly attacked and called out?
We urge all those who want facts to pay attention to real events: mutual clashes and fights between migrants in camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as media reports on the injuries of migrants and accidents and injuries that happen to them on the way.

Since this, the latest, theory mentions the end of May, we draw attention to the fact that on May 28th near the border with Croatia, near Cazin (Bosnia and Herzegovina) there was a clash between migrants near the village Sturlic, that was reported to the police by one local.

A representative of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of the Interior confirmed that a police patrol, which was sent to the scene, found two men at the scene of the conflict who showed no signs of life and had visible injuries inflicted by cold steel on their bodies. Bosnian police has also determined that a great number of migrants were injured in the conflict.

People who encounter the migrant population in their daily work are well acquainted with the pattern of mutual clash among the migrant population, especially between citizens of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

However, despite all the above, all publicly made accusations need to be checked, so we will do the same in this case.


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