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Croatians bought 2173 new cars in May – a drop of 76 percent compared to 2019

By  HINA Jun 05, 2020

In May, 2,173 new cars were sold in Croatia, which is 76 percent less than in the same month last year when 9,149 were sold, while in the first five months of this year, 13,286 new vehicles were sold, showing a drop of 55.6 percent from last year - the data from Promocija plus shows. 

Volkswagen sold the most new passenger cars in Croatia in the first five months of this year - 2,191, with a share in total sales of 16.5 percent. It is followed by Skoda, a member of the same concern, with 1,959 vehicles (14.7 percent share). In third place is Renault (912 sold and a share of 6.8 percent). Fourth in sales is Dacia, part of the Renault Group, as it was selected by 792 customers (a share of 5.9 percent), and fifth is Kia (701 vehicles and a share of 5.2 percent).

In the first five months of 2020, 402 BMWs, 388 Audis, 324 Mercedes, but also 59 Porsches, 48 Land Rovers, 29 Jaguars and 12 Tesla were sold.

The best-selling model in the fifth month of this year was the Skoda Octavia, chosen by 121 customers. The Octavia is also the best-selling model in all five months, with 928 units sold, followed by VW Golf and VW T-Cross, which closed sales by the end of May with 415 new vehicles each.

Kia Stonic is in second place in May sales (97 units sold), and Dacia Sandero is in third place (70).

According to motor fuel, Croatian citizens choose gasoline more than diesel. From January to the end of May, the gasoline vehicles were chosen by 7,768 customers, which is a share of 58.5 percent in total sales. Diesels were selected by 4,545 people (share 34.2 percent), electric vehicles by 85 (share 0.6 percent), and hybrids by 791 customers (share 6 percent).

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