Thursday, 16 July 2020
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Croatia Airlines announces an opening up of flights as EU travel ban comes to an end

By  Jun 04, 2020

The national airline of Croatia has announced an opening up of flights to European destinations coinciding with the EU travel ban lifting of the 15th of June. Croatia airlines have released a new flight schedule that includes London, Rome and Brussels, reports Croatian Aviation.

On the 15th of June the European union travel restrictions will be lifted and so the skies over Europe will slowly start to get busy again. Croatia Airlines has already announced international flights to Frankfurt, Zurich, Amsterdam and Copenhagen and Zurich, and from the 15th of June this will considerably increase. Zagreb will see the vast majority of the new lines, but with internal flights already operating since the 11th of May there is the possibility of connecting flights from the capital to Split and Dubrovnik.

Firstly, Croatia Airlines will launch flights to on the 15th of June to Brussels, four times a week, and to Munich three times a week, to Sarajevo three times a week, to London twice a week and then a connection from Rome to Zagreb and then onto Split three times a week.

And then a day later, on the 16th of June Croatia Airlines will start flights to Dublin three times a week, on the 18th of June to Vienna twice a week.


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