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There are around 33 thousand tourists in Croatia right now

By  HINA Jun 02, 2020

Around 33 thousand tourists are staying in Croatia, which is three times more than there were two weeks ago, and after almost three months the local tourists are no longer in the majority, but that are foreigners again, of which there are slightly more than 21 thousand – according to the Croatian National Tourist Board dana, from the eVisitor system.

At the beginning of June, there are about ten thousand locals among tourists staying in Croatia, while the rest are foreigners, most of whom are Germans, Slovenes and then tourists from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Czech Republic.

In order to compare to prove how much the coronavirus has slowed down or reduced tourist traffic in Croatia, is the data from eVisitor for June 1st, 2019, when 315 thousand tourists stayed in Croatia.

In terms of the number of guests, Vir is the first, which during the entire 'lockdown' stood out with the number of tourists in non-commercial accommodation, followed by Rovinj and Medulin, Mali Losinj and Krk.

Among accommodation facilities, eVisitor shows that tourists mostly choose facilities in households, followed by campsites and hotels, and that as of May 31st, tourist traffic was realized in 2,870 facilities in households, 200 hotels and 138 camping facilities.

-Favorable epidemiological situation and opening of borders has brought a gradual strengthening of tourist traffic, whose further growth we expect in the coming period, with the first higher traffic intensity in the second half of June and from early July - commented Croatian National Tourist Board Director Kristjan Stanicic .


When asked what is new in certain markets, for example in the Czech Republic, where from information comes that tourists could come to the Adriatic by trains and buses, Stanicic said that after the opening of borders, interest in their agencies 'revived', but Czechs cannot book more or travel because there is still a regulation that upon return they are required to be quarantined for 14 days, or be tested within 72 hours of return.

-The Czech government will discuss a proposal to introduce a "traffic light system" according to which it is not possible to travel to the 'red countries', travel to the 'orange' is possible with a mandatory test, and the 'greens' do not need a test or quarantine upon return to the Czech Republic. If the proposal in which Croatia is classified as a green country is accepted, as of June 15th, the Czechs would no longer be obliged to be quarantined or tested upon their return from Croatia - Stanicic said.

Despite all the barriers, about 200 tourists arrived from the Czech Republic last Saturday, 100 of them boaters, and at the beginning of this week a Czech bus arrived in Croatia and went to Novalja, while several buses from the Czech Republic are also announced for next weekend.

Stanicic also states that about 6 percent of the total number of tourists come to Croatia by bus, mostly from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and Poland, but also Croatia, and this segment of transport, according to him, given the relatively easy organization and accompanying costs, compared to other modes of transport allows the rapid establishment and launch of routes.

He therefore assumes that a certain proportion of tour operators bringing tourists from relatively close emitting markets will rely on this form of transport this season.