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Petrol prices in Croatia drop slightly

Written by  Jun 02, 2020

Although oil prices on world markets have been rising for the fifth week in a row, the price of petrol at gas stations in Croatia has been slightly lower since midnight. It is, however, a really minimal reduction, approximately 2 kuna for a full 50 liter tank – reports.

According to the Ministry of the Economy, a liter of Eurosuper 95 can be found this morning for a minimum of 8.38 kuna and a maximum of 8.65 kuna per liter. As it's written in the article, the average price at INA gas stations is 8.49 kuna, which is three lipa less than last week.

Diesel is cheaper by 4 lipa and now averages 8.10 kuna. A liter of autogas can be found in the range of 3.81 to 4.02 kuna.

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