Monday, 06 July 2020
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Czechs allow Croatians to enter but place Sweden and UK in high risk category

By  Jun 02, 2020

The Czech Republic on Monday, after presenting a system for classifying countries by coronavirus risk, announced it would allow travel to and from abroad from June 15.
The threshold puts 19 European countries, mostly central, eastern and south-eastern, in the lowest risk category, under the new system of color-coding countries, while placing travel to and from the UK and Sweden in the riskiest category.

The Czechs have lifted most measures against the spread of Covid-19, while restaurants and hotels will open in full on May 25. But tourism is suffering, and quarantine measures have hit the economy, and only business travellers from the European Union, people in transit or students have been allowed to enter the country.

The Czechs will be able to travel without restrictions to neighbouring countries, Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia, and Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are also on the "green" list. Other safe countries include Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, the Baltic countries, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

Citizens of these countries will be able to enter the country without showing a negative test for Covid-19, Health Minister Adam Vojtech said on Twitter.

The government has placed France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, as well as Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium on its orange list, allowing Czechs to travel to those countries without restrictions. However, the citizens of these countries will have to show a test for Covid-19.

The UK and Sweden have been placed in the most risky red category, meaning both Czechs returning from travel and citizens of those countries will have to be tested for the virus.

The Czech Republic had less than 100 new cases of coronavirus daily for most of May. So far, 9,286 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported, 6,642 people have recovered. The number of deaths is 321, which is a small number compared to Western European countries.


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