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Croatian films among the best at the prestigious American festival!

Written by  Jun 01, 2020

At the prestigious American festival The Telly Awards, Croatian films won a number of awards once again. The festival, held for the 41st time this year, had more than 13 thousand entries from around the world, and the works of some of the esteemed advertising agencies, television stations, production companies and publishers were awarded.

The Telly Awards are given by a jury, members of the Council, which consists of more than 200 members, active experts from various fields of television, marketing, etc.
The films produced by Balduci Film were awarded three major prizes:

CROATIA YOUR NEXT FILMING DESTINATION - gold for the best film in the category of promotional film Travel / Tourism

CROATIA YOUR NEXT FILMING DESTINATION - gold in the category Branded Content: Videography / Cinematography, for which the cameraman Jalil Armijo is responsible

RIJEKA I MISS YOU - silver in the Branded Content: Travel / Tourism category

The scenarios of films were written by Spomenka Saraga, who is also the producer of the films, directed by Herve Tirmarche and cameraman and editor was Jalil Armi.

The film RIJEKA I MISS YOU was shot for the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka, and Croatian actors also appear in the film: Alen Liveric, Natalija Dordevic, Jana Skrgulja, Edi Celic, photographer Iva Znaor and girl Lara Zgrablic. In addition to the actors, there are other members of the team: Bobby Grubic, Robert Kalcic and Pavle Kaplanec.

The film CROATIA YOUR NEXT FILMING DESTINATION was shot with the support of the Croatian National Tourist Board, and for the purpose of promoting Croatia as an excellent destination for shooting all types of films.

-Every award makes us happy, from the smallest to the largest, and each is welcome because it has a motivating effect. We are often not awarded at a festivals, sometimes we do not enter the final round, but we still send our next film to the festival aware that we cannot always win - but we like to compete and prove ourselves. Choosing the winner is a matter of the jury's taste, the amount of films received, and it is often difficult to decide who is better - I know this from my own experience as a jury member at many festivals - said producer and screenwriter of award-winning films Spomenka Saraga.

Films produced by BALDUCI FILM have won more than 50 world awards and recognitions in the last 13 years, and the films UNIQUE DUBROVNIK and DUBROVNIK AND TIME have entered the top 10 tourist films in the world.

So far, these films have already won several awards: at the largest tourism fair ITB in Berlin, at the jubilee 20th edition of THE GOLDEN CITY GATE festival silver awards and at the New York Festivals also a silver medal for the film RIJEKA I MISS YOU, which otherwise would be awarded in Las Vegas during the NAB show, which was not held, so the prizes will be delivered by mail.

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