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Croatia opens borders to ten countries

Written by  May 28, 2020

The Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia passed a Decision amending the Decision on the temporary ban on crossing the borders of the Republic of Croatia.

This Decision includes the Member States of the European Union (Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Austria, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Poland, Republic of Slovenia, Federal Republic of Germany and Slovak Republic) whose nationals, because of the good epidemiological situation, will not have to prove the reason for their entry (business, economic, tourist, etc.), but will be able to enter under the same conditions as before the outbreak of COVID-19, but still with epidemiological control, and with the obligation to comply with general and special recommendations Institute of Public Health.

When citizens of these Member States enter the Republic of Croatia, their entry will be recorded with the collection of additional data (place of destination, mobile phone number and e-mail address), due to the possible need for contact for epidemiological reasons.

In order to reduce congestion at border crossings and shorten the waiting time for crossing the state border, which will be extended compared to border control in recent years due to the collection of additional data, it's recommended to foreign citizens who intend to stay in Croatia to submit their data via

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