Monday, 06 July 2020

The Association of Croatian Travel Agencies calls for lower ticket prices of national and nature parks

By  HINA May 28, 2020

The Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) reported on Wednesday that it has launched an initiative to reduce ticket prices in national parks and nature parks, saying it would be welcome for all stakeholders in the tourism industry to contribute through price adjustments.

-By easing epidemiological measures and opening borders, we hope that we can still achieve some tourist traffic in this tourist season, but provided that all stakeholders in the tourism industry contribute through the correction of prices for their services. Only in this way can we fight competitors for every guest - said UHPA President Tomislav Fain.
The UHPA reminds that the covid19 pandemic caused great losses to travel agencies and the entire tourism sector.
UHPA has already addressed the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy regarding the reduction of ticket prices in national and nature parks, which, as they report, has given support to these requests.

From that association, they explain that their initiative has two key requirements.

The first is the application of a moratorium on price increases of tickets, products / services and fees in national parks and nature parks, so that in 2020 prices are maintained at the level of 2019 for one-day and multi-day visits to all categories of visitors (individuals and groups, children and adults) and for all types of ticket purchases (direct and online).

The second is that ticket prices for organized school trips in the main tourist season (June - September) be left at the pre-season level (January - May) based on the recommendation of the relevant ministry to educational institutions to postpone travel and during the summer holidays given the current situation.

-We expect understanding and support from national and nature parks, and to make sure that guests choose Croatia as their summer destination, it is necessary to make additional efforts and make certain concessions. Let's not be fooled, despite our loyalty and our hospitality, prices will be be a decisive factor at these times - concluded Fain.

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