Thursday, 16 July 2020

Masks in Croatia to have a precise declaration

By  May 25, 2020

Three weeks after the Government limited the maximum price of face masks in retail to 12 kuna, the State Inspectorate in cooperation with the Croatian Institute of Public Health published a template declaration that such products must have – reports.

In addition to surgical, the market is flooded with linen masks, which in the future will have to carry a declaration with basic information about the product.

According to, it is prescribed that the fabrics must be hundred percent cotton, with a thick fabric, at least 100 g / m2, and can be one-color or multicolor, but without a print, provided that they can be washed at a temperature above 60 degrees Celsius.

Both double-layer and single-layer linen masks to reduce and slow down the transmission of respiratory drops must have a note that these masks are not protective masks, and with the instructions for use and a description of how to put them correctly on the face on the declaration, there must be the name of the manufacturer or importe and a note that it is not a protective mask, and that the mask must be washed before use.

This declaration will not be placed on linen masks with a print, which are not subject to the Government's decision to limit the maximum price.

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