Saturday, 06 June 2020
Germans looking for a safe and close European destination for summer holidays Pixabay

Germans looking for a safe and close European destination for summer holidays

By  May 21, 2020

German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, said after a meeting with colleagues from countries bordering Germany that he believes a summer holiday in Europe will be possible this year but with certain limitations.

"In this year of the corona crisis, we want to enable a European summer holiday, but we must act responsibly. In order to succeed, the holiday must be predictable and, above all, safe," Heiko Maas said after meeting with foreign ministers.

He said security concerns two aspects: the first is to allow German tourists to return home safely, which requires the gradual opening of borders and the lifting of quarantine rules.

Another aspect, Maas said, concerns measures against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

"We need to be sure that we do not pay for summer tourism with the second wave of contagion. That is why we need to agree on health and hygiene standards in tourist centres," the German foreign minister said.

He stressed that Germany as a “world champion when it comes to travel” feels particularly responsible when it comes to reopening the travel season.

He stressed that he hoped the German government's recommendations not to travel abroad, at least as far as European countries were concerned, would be repealed on June 14.

"Today's talks on Monday brought us closer to that goal. We must continue this harmonization of positions and measures in the coming days," Maas said.

The German Foreign Minister also discussed the reopening of the tourist season on Monday with the foreign ministers of countries known as tourist destinations of German citizens, including Croatia.


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