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New apps for Croatia New apps for Croatia

New apps to help tourists navigate attractions in Croatia

By  Jul 28, 2016

The company Pointers from Osijek has recently presented an application for virtual walking tours of the famous beaches in Croatia. The application is free of charge and it is an addition to the already existing one that offers 8,500 photos of 3,500 locations all over Croatia.

Krunoslav Weinpert, the CEO of Pointers, said that almost 40 professionals and enthusiasts worked on this application.
''Pointers is a free application available on the web and on mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems. The app can also be found on social networks'', said Weinpert at the app presentation in Split.

In terms of culture, there is also an interesting application in the Croatian world of apps coming from Machinery, the software development agency from Zagreb.

The “Cro Museums” application provides information about more than 200 museums and galleries in Croatia in one place such as a location of the closest museum, opening hours, ticket prices, photos and many other interesting details. This application is free of charge and helps everyone who would like to find out more about Croatia's rich cultural heritage.

Cro Museums application is aimed at locals and tourists, it is available in Croatian, English and German, and also lets people rate museums after their visit.