Saturday, 06 June 2020

'STAY HOME' NO MORE: New slogan introduced in Croatia

By  May 05, 2020

The second of three phases of relaxing the COVID-19 restriction measures started in Croatia yesterday and life is slowly, but surely returning to normal. That brings changes in every aspect of our lives again.

At the end of today's press conference of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, one more step was made - a change of slogan that could be read and heard almost every second during the last couple of months.

When it comes to Croatia, the slogan "Stay Home" goes to history today, and the new motto is "Let's stay responsible".

-We must not forget all the instructions of the epidemiologists and staff, in order for our situation to be good, we must continue to follow all instructions, and probably start with a new motto - Let's stay responsible – Minister Bozinovic announced.


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