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No major tourist cancellations for height of summer season in Croatia – new bookings slowly coming in

Written by  Apr 29, 2020

With Croatia, and many neighbouring European countries starting to slowly relax their COVID-19 restrictions the question of travel and tourism is the next challenge for governments. EU tourism ministers yesterday discussed the options of tourism inside Europe this summer and it was agreed that there would be movement between EU countires, however no fixed deadline was set.

The Croatian Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli, stated on HRT television that citizens would be able to travel from one country to another. He said that the important questions were which route tourists would take, because not everyone is at the same level of problems, that is, we do not all have the same number of infected coronaviruses.

He emphasized that Croatia has made a step forward with two or three other countries and that we are recognized because we have pursued a brilliant policy. And that due to Croatia’s strict and firm restrictions on the spread of COVID-19 “we became recognizable and everyone wants to come to Croatia.”



“We, like other countries, will work on bilateral issues. I think that's okay, especially with the countries we are neighbours with. We have been talking to the Czechs for ten days, the Prime Minister also called his colleagues from Hungary, Austria, so the talks are open and bilateral,” added the minister.

He added that we would strive to reach an agreement with Slovenia in the next two weeks. He stressed that by the end of the May we would try to open borders with Slovenia, of course with the agreement of epidemiologists.

Cappelli said no one would be banned from coming, but the question was whether some countries would actually let their citizens leave their countries at all.

“Italy will open its borders for its counties at the end of May, as they do not yet have inter-county and regional integration. Until they do, it will be very difficult to get out of Italy,” said Cappelli.

He also added that as far as tourism in Croatia was concerned for this summer that so far there have been no major cancellations for July, August and September. And rather surprisingly he stated that “There may not be a lot of new bookings, but I can tell you that in the last three or four days there has been a little movement in the markets. It is in these markets that we are negotiating the most.”


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