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Tourism will no longer be what it was – Croatian Minister of Tourism

Written by  Apr 21, 2020

The Croatian Minister of Tourism, Gary Cappelli, explained that tourism in Croatia will never be the same. The ministry is working hard to make the most from the 2020 tourist season, even though it is possible that there will be no real season this year.

Cappelli, speaking to NOVA TV, stated that the project from Czech travel agencies to form an air and road corridor for their guests who have already passed a COVID-19 test. He stated that he is already assembling state bodies for talks with the Czech Republic.

Asked how Croatia will entice guests, Cappelli said that there is already a prepared program to attract guests. “Next week, the Council of the Tourist Board will give the green light and we will be ready when we go to negotiate with any country with PR.”

One huge advantage Croatia’s tourism industry has is the overall situation, and how well the pandemic has been handled. This was echoed by the Minister of Tourism. “We are recognized throughout Europe and the world, especially by our neighbours, for controlling the situation and making our country safe. That's why people want to come. That is proof that the government has managed to control the situation,'' Cappelli said.

However, the Minister was quick to state that tourism won’t be the same for a few years to come. When asked about the possibility of restaurants and café bars having Plexiglas between tables to protect customers, Cappelli answered that “Nothing will be the same again. To be clear, we will not be able to get on to a tram without a mask for some time to come. Tourism will no longer be what it was. It will be different; it will be more careful. Unfortunately, we may socialise less. Life will change, tourism will change.”

He added that the Ministry is submitting several proposals that will be connected with hoteliers and how many guests they will be able to receive. “We will go one step at a time, first we will open the hotels and maybe start with a maximum of 30 percent occupancy and with strict measures,” he added.

When asked what tourist objects might open first, Capelli said they are committed to opening outdoor activities first, such as nature parks and camps.

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