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Austrians pushing for a Croatian holiday this summer Austrians pushing for a Croatian holiday this summer

More and more calls for a tourism season in Croatia this year - Austrians still have Adriatic on their radar

Written by  Apr 20, 2020

Will Croatia have a tourist season this summer? This question is being asked not only in Croatia, as an inbound destination, but also in countries that are traditional guests on the Adriatic during the summer months, the incoming destinations.

Czech travel agencies are pushing hard for their method of allowing their guests to travel to Croatia through special air and road corridors, and guests that have a COVID-19 free document form health authorities. And it seems that Austrians haven’t given up on their summer break in Croatia yet.

A study by the Zagreb office of the international house BlueRock and the Improve market research agency, conducted between the 6th and the 9th of April, showed that Austrians, who are a significant travel market, have not yet given up on their holidays in Croatia, writes Jutarnji List on Monday.

According to the survey, 66 percent of Austrians still want to spend part of their holidays abroad, and 47 percent of those surveyed said that if the situation with COVID-19 improved, they would definitely go on vacation.


Almost half of Austrians surveyed have not given up their vacations so far, with only 13 percent saying they have decided against a summer trip for this season.

Admittedly, there are a large number of undecided Austrians, 40 percent, but there is a chance that some of this population may change their minds as 42 percent say they will make a holiday decision in the next two months and 40 percent need more than that time too.

What our tourism is looking forward to is the fact that, according to this survey, Croatia is an absolute hit destination for Austrians – 27 percent of the seven destinations surveyed, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey and Montenegro, chose our country.

The research then showed that a good part of them already have reservations on the Adriatic.

"The research shows that everything is not so black and that there are scenarios according to which Croatia would have a season this year, but it will be worse than the plans made before the virus, it is necessary to prepare for the rapid adaptation of conditions of great uncertainty," concludes the survey.


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